Neuro informatics and Neurogenetics

At the nexus of information science and neuroscience is the field of neuro informatics. The efficiency of data sharing through databases and by using theoretical and computational models to solve complicated problems in the field has been demonstrated by other sciences, such as genomics. Researchers can share their data through neuro informatics facilities and contribute to other fields by using the tools for data analysis and integration that are readily available. With computational modelling, researchers may also more quickly quantitatively verify their working hypotheses. Furthermore, neuro informatics encourages more collaborative research, one goal of which is to improve opportunities for studying the brain at various levels of brain structure.

In order to choose clinically significant endpoints for interventional clinical trials, the Division of Neurogenetics studies the natural history of genetic illnesses affecting the neurological system, such as lysosomal storage disorders. We have a long history of conducting interventional clinical trials utilizing cutting-edge precision medicines, and we are thrilled to give our patients the chance to take part in cutting-edge clinical studies

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